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Poetry Slam Barcelona

Poetry Slam Barcelona

Creation centered on the word & the stage

Scene + Music


Poetry Slam Barcelona is a creation and contemporary artistic diffusion platform where the "word" is the essential element.

Poetry Slam Barcelona celebrates its first contest of 2015 and the penultimate session of this season. Half poem, half performance, the Poetry Slam is a poetic contest with a lively, dynamic, participatory format that creates a new relation between the public and the poets. The project combines the word and the stage at the centre of a new cultural proposal, using the slam and the spoken word as recourses for developing and promoting expression and communication in a performance space. It is a social network of creators/poets for whom the use of language, particularly the poetry slam, is a tool to develop their creativity and the focus of a space of social relation and exchange.

The slamers for this sesion are: Cysko Muñoz, Salva Soler, Clara Bafaluy, Isa García, Iñaki Nazabal, Esteve Bosch, Miguel Ángel González, Mireia Torralba, Jomi Garber, El Príncipe de los gatos, Yolanda Gutiérrez and Mayde Molina.

This activity is part of Poetry Slam 2015, Poetry Slam Barcelona

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