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Trash culture. The Potholes of Taste

Periòdic '03: Trash culture

Scene + Music


The presentation of the winning works in the public competition for artistic projects, PERIODIC'03, organised by the CCCB to coincide with the exhibition Trash Culture. The Potholes of Taste, will take place on 19 June 2003.


The winners: Koleko collective (Ana Montiel and Amaia Martin)

The winners will give a concert/action based on the central theme of trash culture. The jury has especially valued the interaction of various languages in the proposals (video, dance, performance, the visual arts, literature, etc.), according particular importance to aspects of sound and musical experimentation, as well as the more virtual aspects of the music (software, interaction, the Net as a tool for creation, etc.).

Currently based in Barcelona.
Born in santa martinigüi, capital of the beach republic of tantagüa, in 1965 and 1963 respectively.

1998 Ana, teacher in a school of guttural singing for duckbilled platypuses.
1998 Amaia, woodpecker sneeze technician for melodic pizza bases.
1999 They met at the sunny pumpkin spa during a seminar on experimental sound horticulture
on a grant awarded by this same spa, they developed a three-phase communication system for green and red vegetables, which left peppers a little confused as their revolution in the war of the five-hundred tomatoes had not furthered their independence.
After this major communicational success they worked as tomato trainers on the film the attack of the killer tomatoes mobbed by the masses in the republic, they went into exile in Europe.
2000 They were awarded the Francesinha Dourada prize. Oporto, Portugal.
2000 They began exchanges of quinaesthetic sensoriality in user optics with collective muesli. Oporto, Portugal.
2001 Enlisted in the mighty origami armada.
2002 Awarded the porcelanosa for the masses and for the piscinas prize.

They are currently concentrating all their efforts on raising funds for a new format for recording DNA, DND.

This activity is part of Trash culture. The Potholes of Taste

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