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Xcèntric. 15th season 2015-2016


The CCCB's cinema


Like a scientific observatory, this session brings together a series of experimental films that set out to capture the ephemeral forms, the variations in appearance of things, the modulation of light and the transformations of colour in the landscape. 

Using different filming techniques (static shots, time lapse or filters) and various treatments of the film in the laboratory (solarization, tinted, toning or overprinting), the images become optical illusions of the natural world, moving canvases that are transformed and become highly expressive.

The Wind Variations, Andrew Noren, 1969, 16 mm, silent, 25 min; Favorable Conditions, Lowell Bodger, 1973, 16 mm, silent, 18 min; Vision of the Fire Tree, Stan Brakhage, 1990, 16 mm, silent, 5 min; Le Granier, Paysage Étude Nº1, Olivier Fouchard, 2007, 35 mm, silent, 15 min; L’Arbre Tahousse, Mahine Rouhi and O. Fouchard, 2001, 16 mm, silent, 6 min; Le Granier, Version II, O. Fouchard, 2007, 35 mm, silent, 17 min; Film with Sun, L. Bodger, 1976, 16 mm, silent, 20 min; Masanao Abe - Cloudgraphy, Helmut Völter, 2015, video, 5 min.

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