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Grec. Festival de Barcelona


Scene + Music

A work by Nadia Ghulam / La Conquesta del Pol Sud

This dramatised documentary features an Afghan girl recounting her experiences, a story that links her past in Kabul to her present in Barcelona whilst projecting a hopeful look towards the future.

Nadia was born in Kabul 28 years ago. When she was eight, during the civil war that broke out after the Soviet withdrawal, she suffered serious injuries during a bombardment. It is thanks her mother’s persevering care that she did not lose her life. Under Taliban rule, suffering from severe physical sequelae, she was forced to pass herself off as a boy in order to maintain her family. She kept up this incredible act for nearly ten years. Finally, in 2006, an NGO helped Nadia, by now a woman, to come to Barcelona. Today, she studies social cooperation, she has her life back, and she is involved in all kinds of activities aimed at making Afghan culture and the situation of women in her country more widely known. These activities range from a television documentary to several books and, now, this theatrical production in which Nadia herself uses real images and documentary material to recount her experiences and look to the future. Nadia talks about Nadia, but also about us, our beliefs, about information, friendship, education and freedom. Nadia is a dialogue between cultures.

Dramaturgy and performance: Nadia Ghulam, Carles F. Giua y Eugenio Szwarcer
Direction: Carles Fernández Giua

Approximate running time: 80 min
Language: Catalan

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