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Grec. Festival de Barcelona


Scene + Music


A work by Ernesto Collado / Fundación Collado - Van Hoestenberghe

Approximate running time: 60 min
Language: Catalan and Spanish

A story of Indians, service stations, armadillos, utopias and autistic Catalans lost on the endless highways of an unrecognisable Texas. Produced by a theatre lab that has presented works halfway around Europe.

In the 19th century, a group of Icarians – followers of the theories of the philosopher Étienne Cabet – went to the USA to found a utopian socialist community. Their number included a Catalan, Ignasi Montaldo, a shy mute who used a sketchbook full of notes and drawings to communicate. The experiment was a failure and those who survived the journey ended up at loggerheads with one another, except for Montaldo, who – according to legend – became the chief of an Indian tribe. This tale provided the inspiration for a piece taking as its subject a collective failure and a personal epiphany. However, Montaldo also explores the ever-conflictive limits between the individual and the community. This production, which eliminates the separation between performer and audience, features projected images, recorded voices and sounds and many other unusual elements. Montaldo is a new work from an arts collective that, eschewing the conventions, uses humour to explore the world we live in from a different viewpoint.

Author, director, dramaturg and performer: Ernesto Collado
Assistant director: Piero Steiner
Set: Cube b.z. and Ernesto Collado
Lighting and technical design: Cube b.z.
Photography: Jordi Bover
Executive production: Eteri (Montse Prat & Txell Felip)
Distribution: Iva Horvat


This show includes parallel activities in the framework of Grec Experimental CCCB. More information here.

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