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Xcèntric 2019

Masterclass with Theodore Ushev



The animator Theodore Ushev talks about the creative process behind his films, in conversation with Carolina López, Director of Xcèntric.

Theodore Ushev is one of today’s foremost animators. He works at the National Film Board of Canada, where he’s made more than 10 films to date, such as Lipsett Diaries (2010), the imagined diary of the famous experimental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, and Blind Vaysha (2016), nominated for an Oscar. In this conversation with Carolina López, the Director of Xcèntric and an expert in animation, Ushev will talk about the creative process behind his films and particularly his latest project, The Physics of Sorrow (2019), the first fully animated film to use the encaustic painting technique, also known as hot wax painting.


Moderators: Carolina López

Participants: Theodore Ushev

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2019

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