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The Mask Never Lies

Masked dance

Scene + Music

Bewitched by frenzied consumption and growth, we insist on burying the world under tons of waste and know next to nothing of its soul, yet the world continues to revolve around the sun—which has not yet gone out and continues to shine its light on us every day. The most atavistic traditions binding us to planetary rhythms have not been lost, and we want to rekindle them together.

This year, we invite you underground to celebrate the thaw and the future blossoming, the overturning of customs and imagining it all again.

We’re holding a masked dance with mystery and sequins: we won’t tell you who’ll be there or what will happen, but the spectacle will reign in all its manifestations, with experimentation and hits, electronic music and guitars, videos, poetry and actions.

Be there ready to go with the flow—we’ll provide the masks and makeovers—and your senses alert to take it all in: unpredictable bodies, rhythm and lighting, all specially arranged to ensure revelry and dancing, the joy of getting together and celebrating.

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