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Xcèntric 2018

Markopoulos & Beavers

The CCCB's cinema


Robert Beavers returns in person to Xcèntric to present a programme that features Eros, O Basileus by Gregory Markopoulos and three of his films, including his latest work.

Gregory Markopoulos came into the life of Robert Beavers in New York in 1965, when the latter was just 17. From then on, until the death of the Greek filmmaker in 1992, they shared a life devoted to the cinema. Beavers continues to preserve and present the artistic legacy of Markopoulos by means of The Temenos, a project with a film archive in Switzerland. Screenings of the films of both are an event, as Beavers graces all the screenings with his presence, whether at the singular biannual programme in Lyssarea (Greece) or in cinemas and museums around the world.

The programme opens with Eros, O Basileus, perhaps the best known film of his partner and mentor. The film is the portrait of a lover, a young body that seeks inspiration through touch, with objects. The session goes on to offer a window onto the world and the rich imaginary of Beavers. The Ground is the representation of his interest in landscape. Winged Dialogue is his work on the corporal, where beauty and sexuality are present.

We close with the premiere of the filmmaker’s latest work, Among the Eucalyptuses, a kind of destination on the path traced by this small retrospective. His luminous 16 mm films represent the poetics of intimate domestic spaces and their inhabitants, weaving together rhythms of everyday life and reflections on death.

Eros, O Basileus, Gregory Markopoulos, 1971, USA, 16 mm, 48 min 

Winged Dialogue, Robert Beavers, 1967-2000, USA, 16 mm, 3 min

The Ground, Robert Beavers, 1993-2001, USA, 35 mm, 20 min

Among the Eucalyptuses, Robert Beavers,2017, USA, 16 mm, no sound, 4 min.

With the presence of the filmmaker.

Directors: Gregory J. Markopoulos, Robert Beavers

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2018

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