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Maggie Nelson and Daniel Gamper

On freedom, today


The writer Maggie Nelson talks with philosopher Daniel Gamper about how to recover the idea of freedom in a context marked by the rise of extreme right-wing discourses and the loss of individual and collective rights.

Freedom has always been one of the most discussed concepts in areas such as politics, philosophy or art. Its complexity and the evolution of its meaning throughout the history makes sometimes difficult to know exactly what we are talking about when we speak of freedom, especially in a time when this word can represent so many different ideas of the political spectrum.

In her new book, On Freedom: Four Songs of Care and Constraint (published in Catalan by L'Altra and in Spanish by Anagrama, 2022), the writer Maggie Nelson delves into the analysis of this concept and argues that the debate on the limits of freedom must take place in the present. In this conversation she discusses with philosopher Daniel Gamper, author of the essay on freedom of expression Las mejores palabras (Anagrama, 2019), difficult and polemic issues such as cancellation culture, MeToo, artistic censorship, drug use or climate change, opening the debate on the tools we have to build a freer society.

Participants: Maggie Nelson, Daniel Gamper

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