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Grec. Festival de Barcelona

Los esqueiters

Grec Experimental 2015

Scene + Music

Two artists teach a group of skaters about the humanist tradition, using Greek and Roman texts. In return, the skaters show the artists their techniques. They seem to pursue different goals, but in fact they all want the same thing: to feel free.

From first days of the Renaissance to the early twenty-first century... Two times of change in the history of mankind, two periods brought together on stage. Embracing both physical and intellectual dimensions, this new piece by Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs (La monja enterrada en vida, Atraco, paliza y muerte en Agbanäpach, Mammón...) explores the quest for freedom as a nexus of union between humanism, in the form of the Greek and Roman classics and texts from the Golden Age, and the world of the skaters who fill the streets of Barcelona today. Like philosophers from other periods, they want to feel free. Thought, philosophy and meditation on the one hand and training, force and movement on the other are concepts that the characters exchange with one another during the play, set in a theatre that is not really a theatre because its deliberate lack of a proper stage leads us to think more of those streets where these skaters roam.

Dramaturgy and Director: Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs
Creation and interpretation: Nao Albet, Alfredo Baccetti, Dallas Bayley, Marcel Borràs, Michael Diligent, Kristina Westad
Music composition: Nao Albet i Marcel Borràs, a partir de les composicions de BadBadNotGood
Set: Max Glaenzel
Choreography: Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Anna Hierro
Movement: Anna Hierro
Approximate running time: 90 minutes

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