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The Words We Don’t Yet Have

Lecture by Carolin Emcke

Silence and Emancipation


Free for Friends of the CCCB

In this session the journalist and philosopher Carolin Emcke, one of the leading voices in the German intellectual and cultural scene, will talk about the links between power and violence, and the need for freedom and desire.

How can we think and speak about desire and power, exploitation and racism in the times of #MeToo? Our silences often make possible precisely what we would like to avoid, but is it possible to flee from violence by making it visible? How can we expose it and prevent it? What kinds of expression and alliances are necessary, and what spaces remain for lust and desire? Carolin Emcke will talk about some of these questions in order to emphasise how complicated and tangled the relationship between sexuality and truth can be.

Presenters: Judit Carrera

Participants: Carolin Emcke

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The Words We Don’t Yet Have

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