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Grec. Festival de Barcelona

Jo mai

Scene + Music


A work by Iván Morales / Companyia Prisamata

Approximate running time: 105 min
Language: Catalan and Spanish

Some of the most promising young actors on the Catalan scene perform a work that smells of teenage rock and roll. Following the success of Sé de un lugar, Iván Morales and the Prisamata theatre company perform a noir set in an abandoned bar in which a group of young men and women try to form the family they never had.

Welcome to L’Amparo, a neighbourhood bar in a city very similar to yours, where a group of rootless young people that combine the finest qualities of a loyal friend and the worst defects of a ruthless enemy have found shelter. Perhaps they never had the luck that others enjoyed, and now they seek, in this miniature society, the support and affection that they never found in their families. The cast is formed by a group of young actors whose style, at once personal and symbolic, is perfectly in tune with the goals behind this production: to create a warm, human experience that audiences can relate to in a well-rounded yet fresh, spontaneous play. In this piece, which is rich in music from start to finish, the actors are permanently on stage, as if this were a hip hop concert or a tribal ritual. “I never” is a young, daring work that explores the emotional awakening of young people fighting for a place in the world and to shake off roots in which love and violence are dangerously intertwined.

Author: Iván Morales
Translation: Lali Álvarez Garriga
Director: Iván Morales
Assistant director: Lali Álvarez Garriga
Cast/musicians: Marcel Borràs, Àlex Monner, Oriol Pla, Laura Cabello and Xavier Sáez
Musical director: Lluís Cartes
Music consultant: Helio Reguera (Nitch)
Movement: Joana Rañé
Dramaturg and coach: Anna Alarcón
Lighting design: Raimon Ris
Executive production: Marta Oliveres


This show includes parallel activities in the framework of Grec Experimental CCCB. More information here.

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