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Xcèntric. 2009-2010

Imaginary alphabets. Claire Simon / Jean-Pierre Gorin


Using a small camera and filming at the height of three- to six-year-olds, Claire Simon films “a world of feelings” in the playground, featuring children’s relations without adult intervention: the games, the fights, the cruelty and the hierarchies. This is followed by Jean-Pierre Gorin, with his recently restored mythical first documentary made during his American exile, after years with the group Dziga Vertov. It tells the story of twin sisters in Southern California who, with little communication with other people, invented their own language. A double bill about the counter-pedagogy of the cinema and other possible alphabets.

Récréations, Claire Simon. 1998, 35mm, 55 min

Poto and Cabengo, Jean-Pierre Gorin. 1979, video, 70 min

Directors: Claire Simon, Jean-Pierre Gorin

This activity is part of Xcèntric. March-April 2010, Xcèntric. 2009-2010

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