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Guided visit to the "Suburbia.Building the American Dream" exhibition

Friends of the CCCB

Exclusive for Friends of the CCCB

Presentation and guided tour to the exhibition by the curator Philipp Engel.

The so-called American dream can be summarised in a mental image that seems to be fixed in time forever: ownership of a detached, single-family house, with lawned surrounds, with a pool in the back garden and a couple of cars sleeping in the garage. We have seen it reproduced to infinity in hundreds of films, television series, comics, and paintings, among other artistic manifestations, and we have imagined it through the suburban novel, which is a gender in its own right. 

But how were American suburbs formed? Where does the centrifugal force that fostered this peripheral horizontal expansion, exactly the opposite to European cities, come from? Are all suburbs the same? How have they evolved? And, finally, how will this unstoppable expansion of Suburbia affect us?

The exhibition incorporates historical materials, photographs, illustrations, and artistic installations by such prominent creators as Joel Meyerowitz, Norman Rockwell, Nina Leen, Bill Owens, Todd Hido, Angela Strassheim, Ed Templeton, Gabriele Galimberti, Jessica Chou, Weronicka Gesicka, Gregory Crewdson and Elías León Siminiani.

Presenters: Philipp Engel

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