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Guided visit to Palau Montaner

Work by Lluís Domènech i Montaner

Friends of the CCCB

Exclusive for Friends of the CCCB

Guided tour by Estanislau Vidal-Folch, director of the Development Area of ​​the Government Delegation in Catalonia.

Lluís Domènech i Montaner (1849-1923), the great architect of Modernisme, the Catalan Art Nouveau, continued work on Palau Montaner where, due to disagreements with the owner, it had been left by Josep Domènech i Estapà, the building’s first architect.

Despite the creative freedom that Ramon Montaner i Vila, publisher and owner of the building, gave Domènech i Montaner to build his family mansion, the architect decided to continue work on the shell built by his predecessor, introducing ornamental elements and extending the planned eaves to soften the severity of its lines and give it character.

Inside, Domènech i Montaner designed a spacious foyer with an imperial stone staircase, with floral and zoomorphic sculptural motifs. At the top is a large mosaic glass skylight that floods the entrance with overhead light.

Domènech i Montaner was by then surrounded by a team of the best applied-arts craftsmen of the time: with the mosaics of Lluís Bru, the sculptures of Eusebi Arnau, the cabinet-making and fabrics of Gaspar Homar, the wrought-iron work of Francesc Tiestos and the stained glass of Antoni Rigalt.


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Written by Sergio Vila-Sanjuán and directed by Lina Lambert