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Gandules'13 - Gas Natural Fenosa



Once again, the CCCB invites you to share the summer nights with open-air screenings: a time to relax at the close of hot, sultry days and get carried away by the very best in film.

After a period of careful, discerning research, this year’s Gandules includes a selection of 20 films representing contemporary cinema, which take a look at life’s situations and critical events that call for humour as a means of escape. The selected films have all been released and received prizes and mentions at different festivals, but for various reasons they made only a brief appearance on the commercial cinema circuit. Plus, a short will be shown before each film, as an appetiser: short films that speak to us of everyday events, like getting up in the morning, going to a restaurant for lunch or waiting at the bus stop; routine moments narrated in a surprising way and with lots—and we mean lots!—of humour.


This activity is part of Gandules 2013, Gandules

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