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Grec 2019

Future Lovers

A play by La Tristura


Fiction or stage document? It is what you ask yourself while watching this show that takes the world of teenagers to the stage and investigates this vital moment in the existence of the adolescents today.

The protagonists of this show were born around the millennium, the year 2000, maybe like you. Or perhaps they are just like you when you were young. These youngsters have an appointment to meet, with the city at their feet, on a summer night during which they will drink, talk, dance and if everything goes well, maybe they will even kiss each other.

Look at them as if they were inside of a bubble or a fish tank and look for differences from your own life, either currently or in the past. Plans, expectations, dreams, future projects... These teenagers speak naturally of what is to come and of a time when one sighs for immediate and radical changes instead of, as adults do, pray desperately so that nothing changes, in case tomorrow be worse than today.

The lives of the yesterday adolescents and today's may not be so different, but the environment has changed. How does this technological world influence the affections and desires of those who live it here and now? Do they love each other, hate each other or want each other in a different way?

These are some of the questions that in this unplugged version of the show, with the public very close to the performers, is put forward by a company that has been repeatedly defined as an avant-garde and transgressive stage group, always willing to experiment and to raise uncomfortable topics.


Creation: Celso Giménez Stage and dramaturgy advice: Itsaso Arana, Violeta Gil Interpretation: Pablo Díaz, Manuel Egozkue, Gonzalo Herrero, Itziar Manero, Siro Ouro, Sara Toledo Artistic advice: Marcos Morau Executive production: Alicia Calôt Lighting design:Carlos Marquerie Scenography: Ana Muñiz Sound space: Eduardo Castro Costume: Pedro Lobo Assistance to costume: Alejandra Zaragoza Technical direction: Roberto Baldinelli General assistance: Emilio Rivas Technical Assistance: Miguel Ruz Stage props: Beatriz Muñiz, Corpórea escultura Communication and press: Grupo Duende Photography: Mario Zamora Graphic design: Porelamordedios™

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