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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

FRONTIERS: Experimental / Documentary / Non-fiction / Film-Essay / etc.

Invisible cinema


The session brings together three recent pieces of the national panorama, each with different approaches, but which trace or break the lines of current cinema cartography. Alberte Pagán, from a formalist-structuralist experiment, plays with a counterpoint between images-documents of atrocities and advertising bombarding; Andrés Duque fascinates us with his personal, masterful form of showing us any story, and Lluís Escartín drags us (shows) from a window to a distant, bare reality.

Pó de estrelas, Alberte Pagán, 2007. Spain, 24 min, colour, sound, video.
La constelación Bartleby, Andrés Duque, 2007. Spain, 23 min, colour, sound, video.
Nescafé-Dakar, Lluís Escartín, 2008. Spain, 33 min, colour, sound, video.

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