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Xcèntric 2019

Emotional continuity. Christine Noll Brinckmann

The CCCB's cinema


This fascinating work by Christine Noll Brinckmann —still relatively unknown beyond Berlin—explores the language of cinema, the idea and empathy based on lyrical visions instead of theoretical concepts: «I start with a small observation, a discovery, and I advance step by step». Her varied pieces film landscapes of objects, flowers, bedrooms, investigate sexuality, Hollywood's feminist criticism, the German colonial history, or pay tribute to Kenneth Anger.

Christine Noll Brinckmann:

Die Urszene, 1981, 6 min; Grünspan, 1982, 12 min; Ein halbes Leben, 1983, 5 min; Stief, 1988, 12 min; Polstermöbel im Grünen, 1984, 11 min; Dress Rehearsal und Karola 2, 1981, 15 min; Der Fater, China/Germany, 1986, 25 min

Projection in 16 mm.

Directors: Christine Noll Brinckmann

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2019

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