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Donnie Darko

Richard Kelly



Donnie Darko is a dark pearl infiltrating the imaginary of the US commercial cinema: its images throb with the potential of parallel universes, alternative realities and posthumous journeys, but its director, Richard Kelly, decided not to go with any of its possible interpretations in a clear preference for ambiguity.

Set in the eighties, this film tells the story of an American adolescent, Donnie, who, having cheated death almost miraculously, starts having hallucinations about a monstrous giant rabbit called Frank. Frank forces him to carry out a series of actions to prevent the end of the world, thereby saving his family and girlfriend. Throughout the film, Donnie switches back and forth between the creation and destruction of a parallel reality, experiencing love, loneliness, guilt, acceptance, fear and even death. One of the foremost cult films comes of age and, even today, continues to create enigmas and fascinate viewers.


Donnie Darko
Richard Kelly
2001 / USA / 35 mm / 113 min / Original version, Spanish subtitles
Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

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