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Documentary Cinema Seminar


The association El Tercer Ojo inside Docupolis's programming 2007, organizes a seminar of documentary cinema that Patricio Guzman will give. The festival programmes this seminar for the contribution and importance of Patricio Guzmán's education as one of the big teachers of contemporary documentary.


The seminar is directed both for professionals and for experts of the kind, also explores a wide accessible universe to the general public. It will consist of five classes of four hours of duration each one.

Patricio Guzmán is one of the most recognized and prestigious directors of documentaries, author of: "The Chile battle", "The case Pinochet", "The obstinate memory" or "Salvador Allende" among a rich and extensive movies.

Participants: Patricio Guzmán

This activity is part of Docúpolis 2007, Docupolis

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