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Xcèntric. 13th season 2013-2014

Curtain Raiser Xcèntric's 13th Season - Antoni Pinent / EXPERIMENTAL SKETCHES


Set in the field of experimental cinema, the films of Antoni Pinent are a kind of reflection on the cinematographic medium, where the material aspects of moving images form the content. Over the years, he has developed a very particular camera-less cinema, working directly on the support and fragmenting its smallest unit, the still, in a technique he calls “polyframe”, which he has used to make his latest films. This task of décollage using filmic materiality and presenting the film as something concrete that you can work on with your hands is a reference to the cinema of attractions, that powerful visual experience packed with punches, shocks and humour of early film. This session will present some of his works in a dialogue with others by Volker Schreiner, Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller, Morgan Fisher, David Matarasso and Peter Tscherkassky; some have been an important influence, others introduce concepts to reflect on his work.

Hollywood Movie, Volker Schreiner, 2012, video, 7 min; 2∞1: A Space Cut, Antoni Pinent, 2005-07, super 8/video screening, 9 min; Play, Christoph Girardet y Matthias Müller, 2003, video, 7 min; Projection Instructions, Morgan Fisher, 1976, 16 mm, 4 min; Descenso, A. Pinent, 2001-02, 35 mm, 1 min; Música visual en vertical, A. Pinent, 1999-2000, 35 mm, silent, 1 min; FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME, A. Pinent, 2006-08, 35 mm, 9 min: KINOSTURM KUBELKA / 16 variaciones, A. Pinent, 2009, 35 mm, 1 min 30 s; G/R/E/A/S/E, A. Pinent, 2008-13, 35 mm cinemascope, 20 min; GIOCONDA / FILM, A. Pinent, 1999, 35 mm, 50 s; Superficie, A. Pinent, 1999-2002, 35 mm, silent, 2 min; The Action, David Matarasso, 2012, 16 mm, silent, 3 min 30 s; Mi primer 35 mm, A. Pinent, 1995-97, 35 mm, silent, 1 min; Motion Picture (La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon), Peter Tscherkassky, 1984, 16 mm, silent, 3 min 30 s.


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