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"Crime and Punishment": Read-Aloud Marathon

Classics Festival 2021

Debate + Festivals


November 11 marks the 200th anniversary of Dostoevsky's birth. To invoke him, the Classics Festival is organizing a read-aloud marathon of one of his most important works: Crime and Punishment.

During eight hours, in the Pati de les dones of the CCCB, there will be an uninterrupted reading of one of the six parts of the work. We will be joined by actors, translators, writers and all those who want to join the ritual of reading a great story aloud.

No prior registration is required to participate, and reading turns will be established on a first-come, first-served basis.

This activity is part of the Classics 2021 Festival, where during six consecutive days, in different spaces in Barcelona, the reading of each of the parts of the work will continue.

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