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Due to external reasons, this talk has been cancelled.

Conversation with Richard Sennett, Pablo Sendra, Carles Muro and Maria Sisternas

City and Complexity


During this session, the prestigious sociologist and urban thinker Richard Sennett, joined by the architects Pablo Sendra, Maria Sisternas and Carles Muro, will talk about the strategies to make 21st-century cities into living environments founded on diversity and complexity.

Throughout his career, Sennett has addressed the impact on cities of changes in aspects such as family, work and communications. He has become one of the main international referents when it comes to thinking about the elements that make up contemporary urban networks. His latest contribution takes the form of an essay in Designing Disorder (published in Spanish by Alianza editorial as Diseñar el desorden. Experimentos y disrupciones en la ciudad, 2021), written in conjunction with Pablo Sendra. In the book, the authors reflect on urban design as a tool that can be used to limit disorder and standardise life in cities, but also as a form of resistance to create urban spaces that embrace diversity. Drawing on that groundwork, the authors will engage in a dialogue, accompanied by Carles Muro and Maria Sisternas, regarding the possibility of imagining and building cities that no longer erase the complexities of the lives of the people who reside and coexist in them.

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