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Opening up the future

Conversation with Cynthia Fleury and Sonia Arribas

Care is a Humanism


The philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury, who heads the chair of Philosophy at Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris, will speak with Professor of Philosophy Sonia Arribas about the care policies we need in a present marked by vulnerability.

The health crisis has revealed the fragility of a system lacking material and also conceptual resources to guarantee the wellbeing of citizens. Photographs of exhausted health workers and long-term patients who they applaud as they leave hospital remind us of the importance of human warmth in overcoming illness. For Cynthia Fleury, vulnerability is not only consubstantial with the individual but it also opens up an opportunity for exercising responsibility towards others. Why are we afraid to recognise that we are vulnerable? How can we strengthen the bond between medicine and humanism?

Cynthia Fleury will participate in the conversation by videoconference.

Participants: Cynthia Fleury, Sonia Arribas

This activity is part of Opening up the future

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