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1,000 m2 of desire

Body, Desire and (Cyber)space

Lecture by Remedios Zafra


How do we desire in the ciberspace? What characterizes the new relations at a distance? Remedios Zafra, writer and theoretician specialising in the politics of Web identity, gives the opening lecture in the "Politics of Desire" debates series.

The Web has given rise to new relations at a distance in which not even the prospect of real contact is necessary. Thousands, millions of people are joined in cyberspace but their true condition is one of connected solitude in which the longed-for body is absent even while it lets loose a multiple erotic charge. How can one desire when the Other is a disembodied subject protected by pixels on a screen? Are we submitting to a culture of mirages? To what extent will this phenomenon transform the sphere of human relationships?

In these early years of the twenty-first century a new culture is starting to take shape, one that is now organised around the materially absent body and its irruption in virtual form on the screen. The Web intervenes in the relationship with the Other and brings into being fluid forms of imagination, desire and the different worlds inhabited by the connected subject.

Presenters: Teresa López-Pellisa

Participants: Remedios Zafra

This activity is part of 1,000 m2 of desire, Politics of Desire

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Private space, online relationships, identity and desire on Internet

Summary of the Remedios Zafra lecture

How do we live sexuality from the supposed intimacy of our connected rooms? Being onstantly connected affects our identities, bodies and personal relationships? 

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