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Science Friction

«Bioscope: Imaginary creatures» with your family

Workshop on the creation


Using stop motion animation techniques and artificial intelligence, we invite you to design new living beings, the worlds they inhabit and their relationships.

The story of life is always a story of change, of how organisms adapt, mix, collaborate or compete to survive. Speculating as to what kind of species will inhabit the planet in the future, the way they will interrelate and the strategies they will develop to inhabit the world is also a way of reflecting on how we live and relate to our environment and the rest of the species, here and now. As science fiction has amply demonstrated, fiction and fantasy are powerful tools for thinking about the world from a critical viewpoint.

To do so, we invite you to imagine other life forms capable of inhabiting places that are inhospitable for human beings: from the frozen, radioactive, arid surface of planet Mars to the oceans of a planet Earth that is wounded and threatened by climate crisis. To do this, we’ll be using stop motion animation and artificial intelligence exercises. Each of the exercises proposed is accompanied by some key ideas about evolutionary biology outlined by biologist Alex Richter-Boix to help us make decisions in the process of creating these new life forms.

Designed by Estampa
Workshops facilitated by Re-Crea Accions Culturals

This activity is part of Science Friction

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