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BCNmp7. The revivers

Concerts by Bert Jansch and Voice of Seven Woods

Scene + Music

Bert Jansch and the folk psychedelia legacy.

Scot Bert Jansch is a key figure to understanding the development of folk up until the present day. As a member of Pentangle and in his solo work, Jansch has combined his virtuosity on the guitar with a sophisticated eclecticism that have made him a troubadour of psychedelic pop. This is Jansch's first performance in Barcelona, to present his latest CD, The Black Swan (2006), with musicians such as Devendra Banhart and Beth Orton contributing, and delight his audience with the different traditions of British folk music.

Before the concert, presentation of Finder Keepers Records and Delay68 Records, the two record labels of Andy Votel and Doug Shipton, specialists in recovering the most interesting legacy of psychedelia, mutant folk and avant-garde rock.

7.30 pm

Folk in images: audiovisual session on the theme of folk
Presentation of the labels Finders Keepers Records and Delay68 Records
Concerts by Bert Jansch and Voice of Seven Woods

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2007, BCNmp7

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