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BCNmp7. MinimAcció

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Is there still a division between classical and popular music? Certain episodes in the history of music of the 20th century suggest that this is no longer the case. In the late sixties, some US musicians were bold enough, in the context of advanced music, to pick up the repetitive structures, tonal chords and sonority that characterise classical instruments. The result was repetitive minimalism. Musicians such as Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass broke away from the growing complexity surrounding so-called contemporary and experimental music, in what represented, more than an act of conservatism or populism, a gesture of radical musical renovation.

This session of BCNmp7 consists in combining the piece Different Trains by US composer Steve Reich, a pioneer of minimalism, with a new work by the Catalan Roger Goula. It is unusual to feel the influence of minimalism from the English-speaking world in our country, which is why the case of Roger Goula is so interesting; after 10 years of professional experience in London, he has an unusual command of dramatic music for our immediate context.

The pieces will be interpreted by Experimental Funktion, made up of Vera Martínez Mehner (violin), Elena Rey (violin), Jonathan Brown (viola), Erica Wise (cello), Santi Barguñó and Hugo Romano (electronic), a group that walks the line between the excellence of classical music interpretation (Vera Martinez Mehner and Jonathan Brown are violin and viola in the Quartet Casals) and the most advanced techniques of musical experimentation.

Since 2006, the CCCB has programmed the BCNmp7 cycle with the aim of showcasing what it is that makes music in Barcelona different. This season, the cycle concentrates on unique, compact sessions, emphasising the value of live performance while avoiding the classic concerts of musical repertoire and the festival format.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear a live minimalist proposal by the most prestigious and internationally acclaimed performers on the contemporary Barcelona scene!



Participants: Experimental Funktion

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2013, BCNmp7

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BCNmp7. MinimAcció

Debate with Roger Goula and concert with Experimental Funktion

Experimental Funktion performance in Minimacció BCNmp7 session.

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