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BCNmp7. Global Raval

Documentary + Concert

Scene + Music

Barcelona is one of Europe's cultural hubs and the scene of an intense multicultural artistic phenomenon. At the heart of this cosmopolitan city is an intense, effervescent, creative neighbourhood: El Raval. BCNmp7 presents a project born of this district that is now a point of reference of the quality and diversity of ideas generated there.


7.30 pm Documentary La alegría del barrio (The Joy of the Neighbourhood) by Carlos Callero, 2007 [45 min. approx.]Presentation and premiere of a documentary that presents research into the artistic activities of the neighbourhood and their socio-cultural impact. The idea arose from the involvement of a number of residents in the Raval’s dynamic life. Having been engaged in fieldwork for some years, they have become witnesses to the diversity and richness of the proposals generated in the district and to the most positive side of the Raval as a laboratory generating artistic endeavours. The documentary shows the power of music and of artistic creation in dissolving prejudice, crossing frontiers and bringing people together in enabling them to share experiences and foster respect among the residents.

8.30 pm Concert: La Sucursal S.A.
Investigates the roots of the 1970s New York Latin Groove, which gave rise to artists such as The Fania, Hector Lavoe, Willi Colon, Ruben Blades, among others. Their themes fuse solid musical arrangements with lyrics that convey experiences and opinions in the form of urban poetry.

9.15 pm Concert: Raval’s All Stars
A sonorous coming together of the big names of Barcelona’s music scene. Raval’s All Stars is a space for the interaction of different genres, from jazz, to hip hop, to world music. The group pays a singular tribute to live music and a diversity of rhythms. The sessions of Raval’s All Stars are a blend of rhythms, melodies and urban poetry.

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2008, BCNmp7

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