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BCNmp7. Cover versions, copies and tributes

Scene + Music


The history of popular music is packed with songs that sound similar. Some are cover versions, others are tributes and many are copies of original songs. But what exactly is an original pop song? Who is really the author of a song? Is there such a thing as a new song, or are they all derivations of something that already exists?


The tradition on which popular music draws, its strict codification into genres and subgenres, and technological transformations (from the microphone to the sampler) challenge the idea of originality and authorship, and point to the cover version (transformation, adaptation, re-composition) as the real driving force behind creativity in contemporary music.

7.30 p.m. Exclusive presentation of the documentary "Covers, còpies, tributs i versions"
, produced by Televisió de Catalunya's Sputnik programme (approx. 50 min.).

8.30 p.m. Concert with Nouvelle Vague, a recent music phenomenon, for the first time in Barcelona in a special format.

Participants: Nouvelle Vague

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2007, BCNmp7

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