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BCNmp7. Border Music

Documentary screening + Round table + Concert

Scene + Music

While Europe argues whether or not to open its doors to Turkey, the city of Istanbul is becoming ever more central. Not only does it represent the border between East and West, it is also the platform of debate between tradition and modernity, and has emerged as one of the cultural metropolises of this turn of century. Under the umbrella title of "Border Music", session two in the MP7 cycle centres on Istanbul to address these phenomena from a musical viewpoint.

The session has three parts. First is a screening of Crossing the Bridge: the Sound of Istanbul (Fatih Akin, 2005), a prize-winning documentary that shows the many dimensions of the city's musical present through the eyes of German musician Alexander Hacke, a member of the experimental rock group Einstrüzende Neubauten.

The screening will be followed by a round table with Alexander Hacke and the journalist Charlie Gillett, author of the landmark book The Sound of the City (Da Capo Press, 1996) and BBC broadcaster. Cultural diversity, border music and the periphery seen from the centre will form part of the debate.

Closing the session is a concert by Ceza, Turkey's biggest rap star, who combines hip-hop with his own cultural tradition. Ceza is one of the artists featured in the documentary Crossing the Bridge: the Sound of Istanbul, and this is his first appearance in Spain.

6 p.m. Screening of the documentary Crossing the Bridge: the Sound of Istanbul, by Fatih Akin, 2005. (DVD; Spanish subtitles).

7.30 p.m. Round table with the musician Alexander Hacke and the music journalist and writer Charlie Gillett.

9 p.m. Concert with Ceza.

Participants: Ceza, Alexander Hacke, Charlie Gillett, Fatih Akin

This activity is part of BCNmp7. 2007, BCNmp7

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