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Island Fuse (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1971)

Since a strike has been called for 21 February, the CCCB will be holding this Xcèntric film screening on Tuesday 26 February. 

Xcèntric 2019

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill. Touching the Earth

The CCCB's cinema


A great deal of the films by filmmakers Arthur and Corinne Cantrill are based on the study of landscape, relating filmic shapes with the shapes of places. Not only does it provide a close-up of the rugged harshness of the Australian landscape, the films in this session - Bouddi, Island Fuse and Ocean Point Lookout – look into the materiality of the actual image and perception, posing us with questions about the nature of cinema and its capacity to create other worlds. 

With Bouddi, the Cantrills attempt to develop a new vision of landscape by breaking free from certain conventions in cinematic language. Island Fuse and Ocean Point Lookout were both filmed on Stradbroke Island. The first part is with black and white images, taken years before being re-filmed with chromatic filters, and reveals invisible aspects. The second, filmed years later at a time when the filmmakers were astonished by the impact of tourism on the island, presents a surface and different states of the ocean, where storms, days of flat calm, the sunset and night times relate with different qualities of the filmic image.

These films were made in the seventies, when the Cantrills returned to Australia after spending some time in Europe; a very intense creative period in which, apart from carrying out a set of work with which they researched cinematic technique, they published Cantrills Filmnotes.

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill:

Bouddi, 1970, 8 min; Island Fuse, 1971, 11 min; Ocean at Point Lookout, 1977, 46 min

Proyección en 16 mm.

Directors: Arthur & Corinne Cantrill

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2019

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