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Xcèntric 2018

Anthony Moore. Musical hypnosis, visual lyricism

The CCCB's cinema


Session devoted to English composer Anthony Moore, one of the foremost references of musical experimentation beginning in the seventies and creator of numerous soundtracks for experimental films.

English composer Anthony Moore is one of the foremost references of musical experimentation beginning in the seventies. His instrumental versatility situates him between the contexts of the most minimalist avant-garde and the most progressive popular music. In the film world he stands out for his ongoing collaboration on soundtracks for experimental films.

Werner Nekes, Dore O. and Klaus Wyborny are three of the German filmmakers with whom he has collaborated to create music for their work. The three musical pieces that can be heard in this session have profoundly repetitive, unhurried, ecstatic, hypnotic cadencies. They accompany autobiographical images representing serene and melancholic moods, inevitably accentuated by their acoustic forms.

Abbandono, Werner Nekes, 1966-70, Germany, 16 mm, 33 min;

Kaskara, Dore O., 1974, Germany, 16 mm, 21 min;

Chimney Piece, Klaus Wyborny, 1969-71, Germany, 16mm, 30 min. - Digital screening.


With the presence of Anthony Moore.

Directors: Werner Nekes, Klaus Wyborny, Dore O.

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2018

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