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AI: Artificial Intelligence

"AI: Artificial Intelligence" for people with blindness or low vision

Adapted guided tour


We accompany you to get to know more about the IA and offer you a series of sensory experiences, explanations, and descriptions to enrich the experience of the visit.

An interactive exhibition that explores the scientific and artistic innovations and go in detail about this new technology that is crucial for humans. Steve Goodman (Kode9), Eduard Escoffet or Maria Arnal are some of the artist that you can find in the exhibition. In addition, we collaborate with some relevant research centers as BSC, the Music Technology Group in the UPF, CVC or MIT.

We recommend you to listen:

In-depth interview with the curator Lluís Nacenta and the scientific advisor of the exhibition "AI: Artificial Intelligence", Jordi Torres, where they explain how intelligence is created and developed artificial and how it impacts our lives, science and art. A conversation to introduce us to this ubiquitous technology and deepen the cultural, social and ethical debate around AI.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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