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Xcèntric. 2009-2010

Against Time I


Looking beyond narratives that obey linear time, cinema has sought out other forms that accelerate, slow or invert time. Since the Lumière brothers filmed the demolition of a wall and discovered that if it was screened backwards, time could be reversed to rebuild the wall, to Jacobs, who brought digital movement to a photo, or Lockhart, who, in Lunch Break, dilated and transformed the lunch break of some factory workers into slow-motion, hypnotic movement and an aesthetic, critical and melancholy observation on modern work. The session is completed by the premiere in Spain of Exit, the film that complements Lunch Break, which Lockhart filmed to dialogue with the Lumière brothers’ Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory.

Demolition d’un mur
, Lumière brothers. France, 1896, video, 1 min 30 sec.

Exit, Sharon Lockhart. USA, 2008, video, 40 min.

The Discovery, Ken Jacobs. USA, 2008, video, 4 min.

Lunch Break, Sharon Lockhart. USA, 2008, video, 83 min.


Directors: Lumière Magazine, Sharon Lockhart, Ken Jacobs

This activity is part of Xcèntric. January-february 2010, Xcèntric. 2009-2010

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