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Taking Leave of Life

A Lonely Farewell. A Reflection on Suicide

Lecture by Ramón Andrés


The thinker Ramón Andrés, author of the monograph Semper dolens. Historia del suicidio en Occidente (Semper dolens: A History of Suicide in the West) will offer a philosophical exploration of voluntary death and pain in human existence.

The limit of what is human is pain. This is not always just physical but also moral pain. It is at the limit of existence that the mind appraises the tragic condition: dying is affirming but it is also negating, and this brings us to the heart of the question of voluntary death. Is it a metaphor for nothingness or a decision of being?

Presenters: Begoña Román

Participants: Ramón Andrés

This activity is part of Taking Leave of Life

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