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Agnès Marquès


Agnès Marquès (Palma, 1979) studied journalism at Ramon Llull University (URL). But long before that she was a journalist by vocation. She has worked on radio (COM Ràdio, Ràdio 4, Onda Rambla) and television (Telecinco, TV3). For many years she was presenter of the TN cap de setmana on TV3, but she also anchored special programmes such as La Marató de TV3, and we all watched her on electoral nights. For Canal 33 she premiered La gent normal, a programme exploring different social taboos and juicy characters. Her book Els guapos són els raros (Bridge, 2018) is the logical continuation. She currently teaches in the Blanquerna Communication Faculty of the URL and is director (and voice) of the programme No ho sé, on RAC 1. But not many people know that one of her great passions is music, specifically everything to come out of Manchester.


Update: 29 April 2019


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2019

Autobiographic Live Sessions: Tragicomic Monologues, Pop Music, Theatre and Narrative