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Recommendations for your visit

Temperature and lighting

In summer, we recommend you bring an item of clothing to cover up if necessary. For the conservation of the artwork, the climate of the exhibition galleries is controlled and the temperature is kept at between 20ºC and 23ºC. In some areas of the exhibitions you may find the lighting a little dark.

Photography and recording

Photographs can be taken in the exhibitions as long as no flash, tripod or selfie sticks are used. Images may only be used for personal and non-commercial use. Some works may be subject to copyright, and there are indications that they cannot be photographed or filmed.

Mobile phones

To avoid disturbing other visitors, please silence your mobile phone during visits, screenings, concerts and performances.


Artworks are fragile. Keep a distance, and avoid touching them or pointing at them with sharp objects (pencils, pens, sticks).

Visiting with animals

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome. Other animals must remain outdoors.

Food and drink

Food and drink may not be taken into exhibition galleries, auditoriums, classrooms and archives. There is a Bar-Restaurant at the entrance from Plaça de Coromines.


The CCCB is open to everyone, whatever their age. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult. Help us explain to younger visitors that some works are fragile and cannot be touched. Some exhibitions include materials for visits with children, and family visits and workshops are organized alongside the exhibitions.


You can draw in the rooms, sit on the floor or in a chair, or bring a portable chair. You can draw with pencil or pen as long as you keep a reasonable distance from the artworks. Prior permission must be requested to paint with watercolour, ink, oil paint or similar.

Less busy times at the Centre

The quietest moment to visit the Centre is from Monday to Friday after 14:00. This is when it is least busy, as there are generally no school or group visits.

Come back another day

If you need more time for your visit, you can come back to the exhibition a second time on the same ticket. To do so, change it at the ticket desk.

People who can help you

If you need help during your visit to the CCCB, ask the public service staff, the gallery and security staff, and the educators. They carry identification so you can recognise them easily.