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Improper Sessions

Conversations, Workshops and Spaces for Encounter

The “Improper Sessions” are a series of activities, organised in a safe, collective setting, whose aim is to broaden, expand and share some of the passions and challenges brought to the fore by the exhibition “Sade: Freedom or Evil”.

In a context of rising political polarisation and the digitalisation of debate, these “Improper Sessions” facilitate a common ground from where to listen to each other, weave new bonds and add new voices. As has occurred with feminism’s multiple voices, newer generations have taken on the term queer in moving beyond more academic theories. However, as Audre Lorde famously said, what divides us are not our differences, but our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences. In this way, through the libertarian, subversive and politically incorrect impulses that abound throughout the city’s streets, and especially in the Raval, and through languages that surpass discourse, performance, and artistic and political practice, these dialogues enhance accessibility and increase the contemporaneity and horizontality of certain conversations on desire, norms and punishment that have been going on for decades, despite the fact that such subaltern practices and forms of knowledge have been subject to systemic erasure.

The “Improper Sessions” programme has been prepared with the assistance of Ibai Gorriti. Josu Larrea and Erika Sarrias are the graphic narrators of this cycle. Most of the activities take place at The Improper, a debate, meeting and reading space located in the lobby of the exhibition space.

If you participate in the “Improper Sessions”, we recommend that you read these guidelines for care.

Your ticket for the activities of this series gives people over 18 free access to the exhibition “Sade: Freedom or evil”, at the CCCB on the day of the activity.