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Tatiana Țîbuleac


Tatiana Țîbuleac is a writer who grew up in a home full of books as her mother was a publisher and her father a journalist. She started writing for the media at the age of sixteen and later went on to study Journalism and Communication at the University of Moldova. She wrote for the Romanian press where her column “True Stories” was one of the most widely read in the country, and she was also a reporter for one of the country’s main television channels until 2008 when she moved to Paris. Her first book, Fabule Moderne (Modern Tales) a collection of fifty stories about migration was a literary phenomenon in Moldova, while her first novel, El verano que mi madre tuvo los ojos verdes (The Summer My Mother Had Green Eyes – Impedimenta 2017), made her name in the international domain. Her second novel, El jardí de vidre (The Glass Garden – Les hores / Impedimenta), a fictional story with many autobiographical elements and set in Chişinău in the 1990s, was awarded the 2019 European Prize for Literature.

Update: 18 June 2021