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Look, photograph, read ... the city!

Photo creation workshop

Throughout one morning, inspired by viewing photographs of reference authors and reading literary texts, participants create their own photographic projects, combining word and photography.

The activity is developed in three main phases:

  • Commentary on photographs analyzing the expressive choices with which various authors construct their visions of the city and reading short literary texts.
  • Inspired by these photographic and literary references, the photographic exploration begins in spaces close to the CCCB, bringing into play some of the essential choices of photography discussed during the viewing (framing, movement, light ...).
  • We shape a photographic project based on the choice and arrangement of the photographs taken and their relation to the word.

The workshop is conceived as an exploration of the photographic heritage and the expressive choices of photography. At the same time, it is an investigation of the city as a public space through the photographic creation and reading of texts by various authors.

This workshop is an activity of the CCCB in the framework of Photography in progress, a program of A Bao A Qu.


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