Edition November 26th, 27th and 28th, 2009

The edition of NOW November 09 is a collaboration between the CCCB and the Fundació Terra, with the participation of Thom Hartmann, Jeremy Leggett and Hermann Scheer.

Evolving from the main subject of the Sun and its cultural, biological and astrophysical influences, this event aims to explore the new culture promoted by renewable energies, with a special emphasis on solar energy.

Aside from panels and open debates directed to an knowledgeable, active audience, NOW will also organize workshops for high school, university students and professionals, such as the Open Sailing project or the workshop on personal wind power generators, raising awareness on these issues and allowing them to get a deeper, hands-on knowledge.

This edition is also part of the project NOW in action, were the film "The 11th Hour" will be screened in several Spanish universities, with a presentation and open debate.

Within this context, we have organized the contest En la penúltima hora, aimed at university students in Spain, wich will offer them a weekend in Barcelona to assist to the events in teh NOW edition of November 26, 27 and 28th.

Themes and activities in this edition

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