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NOW is a reflection on the present based on the scientific, technological, artistic, social and spiritual transformations that are taking place at the start of the 21st century. It is a process of research, creation and dissemination that aims to bring together different local and international agents involved in the actions that are promoting a change of paradigm in the information and knowledge society and in globalised cultures.

It has been conceived as a space for knowledge in teh following thematic areas:
Open Science
Eco Factor
Art Now
emerging Culture
Psi Particle
New Activism

NOW does not adhere to a specific format, although it may manifest itself in different genres and formats, and can be understood as a working platform with different objectives for the period 2006-2009.

The Present Continuous

Ese instante inaprensible que llamamos presente es un tema que afecta a nuestra concepción de la vida y el mundo. Tiene ramificaciones filosóficas, científicas, artísticas, sociales, políticas y espirituales. NOW no pretende negar la existencia del tiempo, pero sí llamar la atención sobre los mecanismos de regresión y proyección que siguen influyendo en nuestra cultura.

La intensa dinámica de cambios simultáneos que afectan actualmente al planeta Tierra y a las especies que lo habitan no deja demasiado margen para la postergación o la nostalgia. La sonda del presente quizá sirva para explorar desde nuevas perspectivas las producciones culturales y también puede facilitar una síntesis generalista de los paradigmas emergentes.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The metaphor that unifies

NOW converts the electromagnetic spectrum into a great metaphor (or semantic matrix) that acts as a condenser of contents and facilitates the communication and reception of the project. The range of frequencies generated by electromagnetic fields - from the lowest-level radiations that do not alter the structure of matter to the highest which modify it substantially - allows an innovative thematic setting and at the same time can be converted into a first-class instrument for expression.

The majority of issues dealt with in this project are linked with a fringe of the electromagnetic spectrum: the great territory of invisible reality already colonised in part, and at the same time, the still unexplored terra incognita.