Edition March 22, 23 and 24, 2007

Joost Smiers. Peter Singer. Jesús Mosterín. David Peat. Victoria Vesna. Daniel García Andújar. Marta Tafalla. Raquel Paricio.

In the third edition, Joost Smiers explains strategies for living in a world without copyright. Peter Singer , one of the Bioethics field's most influential writers, and Jesús Mosterín, Honorary President of Proyecto Gran Simio (the Great Ape Project) develop the concepts of speciesism and the moral consideration of animals. David Peat, a pioneer in connecting quantum physics and psychology, talks with artist Victoria Vesna, who is interested in how scientific and technological innovation influences the perception of reality. Hubert Sauper, through his documentary Darwin's Nightmare, not only portrays a shocking tale of brutal spoliation, but also points out the first world's responsibility in the desolate present of Africa. Platoniq sets up a temporary office where visitors can find out about its three lines of research work and Traficantes de sueños offers a copyleft workshop for creators from different spheres.

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