NOW explores the most rellevant issues of our present, structured in seven thematic areas.

NOW has been conceived as a space for knowledge of these areas, exploring the different key thinkers and factors that interact in them, and analizing these issues from a critical distance.

  • Open Science

    Creation of a shared project and bridges of communication between science and the humanities

  • Psi Particle

    An exploration of new spirituality that takes as its starting point the crisis of traditional religions

  • Art Now

    Exploration of the present moment in art: what are the leading lines, the criteria of validation and the meaning of new practices?

  • Eco Factor

    The need for a systemic, organic view of the planet to ensure its survival

  • Emerging Culture

    A critical analysis and resituation of alternative and independent culture in the face of accelerated socio-cultural transformation

  • Cybersphere

    How “cyber” technologies now affect every area of everyday life

  • New Activism

    Commitment and militancy, networking, new social involvement and global citizenship