Permanent Spaces

NOW turns the main hall of the CCCB into a space of knowledge, a space for coming together, a space of stimuli where the visitor is both receptor and transmitter. Installations, a reading point, lectures, sound archives and performances are, among others, the different genres and formats presented by NOW.


  • Biblio-Points

    A selection of the bibliography available on issues activated on the NOW platform.

  • Container of Paradigms (CoP)

    What experiences, beliefs and values affect your way of perceiving reality and how do you respond to that perception?

  • Queries & Downloads

    Queries & Downloads is a space of dialogue between the groups, collectives and institutions linked to the CCCB.

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum

    NOW converts the electromagnetic spectrum into a great metaphor (or semantic matrix) that acts as a condenser of contents and facilitates the communication and reception of the project.