Monday 03 May, 19:30

Michael J. Sandel. Against perfection.

The ethical dilemmas of genetic engineering

By Michael J. Sandel, presented by Daniel Gamper, lecturer in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.



For some time now, science has been moving so fast it has overtaken our moral intuitions. It is now possible, for example, to put in an order for a pet that is the same as the one we have just buried, or choose the genetic disposition of our children. The possibilities opened up by genetic engineering often induce unease or outright rejection although it is not always easy to explain why. What is wrong with manipulating our own nature or that of other beings? Where are the limits, if there are limits? Michael J. Sandel explores these moral dilemmas, predicting that the genetic revolution will oblige us to reintroduce questions of the spiritual order into the political debate.

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