Tuesday 31 March, 19:00

I+C+i. Liberty, equality and P2P

With Michel Bauwens, Ismael Peņa and Olivier Schulbaum


Live in streaming in Open Server (http://openserver.cccb.org/)


The Peer-to-Peer - P2P file-sharing networks go beyond the use that is generally made of the new technologies, which is to say exchanges of music and films. It is essentially based on shared power and widely distributed access to resources in a participative design of social processes in which nobody is excluded. Everything seems to suggest that exporting the P2P model to non-digital spaces in the near future will become the core logic of our societies. Are we ready to produce peer-to-peer culture and create pooled value? Can we call for government among equals and would we be capable of self-management? Could we sustain property shared among equals and defend pooled value in the face of private appropriation?

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