6.30 p.m.

BCNmp7. Neocalorrisme: Rumba & Underground

The Barcelona rumba hasn’t always been Olympic or even cross-cultural... It can also be heard underground as the local voice of the neighbourhood, a far cry from the official cosmetics of multiculturalism. Neocalorrisme defines these bands which, with a tradition of flamenco and rumba and a lot of rock baggage, fight to push back their borders in an attempt not just to blend but to assimilate and create their own sound, at the same time reinstating almost forgotten artists (Toni el Gitano, Las Grecas, El Pelos...).

The Smash have nothing to do with rumba, but they’re certainly underground. They could be called the godfathers of a leftwing decentralized movement, which in the Spain of the 1970s had two focuses: one was Seville, spontaneous, longhaired and streetwise; the other Barcelona, sober-headed, jazzy and groundbreaking. And suddenly, flamenco was on its way, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Music journalists Jordi Turtós and Luis Clemente will be here to talk about the adventures of Smash in Barcelona and their influence, alongside the screening of excerpts from the documentary “Underground: la ciudad del Arco Iris”. And holding forth on the subject of Neocalorrisme will be Txarly Brown and José el Pantanito, two well-known shysters.

The icing on the cake is provided by an introductory session to the turntables by Txarly Brown and a special 10th anniversary concert by the band Pantanito, with a star-studded line-up and standing proud...

Pantanito, the band

The origins of  Pantanito, more as an entity than as a band, came with the chance to have two songs (Ilegá and Politoxicomanía) in the original soundtrack of Sangra Babylon, a dreadful Z movie about thugs and junkies. It was such a great experience that the songs practically wrote themselves, so I got together some mates and went into the recording studio. The result of those sessions was Pantanito’s first demo tape, Viviendo el barrio. After that, I had to go live, and after various musicians had come and gone, and lots of gigs as a duo with XARIM “El nen de Flix” (now “Pomelito”) on guitar, we managed to form a basic line-up. Then we met Luis Sánches who started to play the bass with us, and, after five years of constant evolution, getting parties going and sweeping all before us, we consolidated our current formation, offering a live show that is refreshing and committed, with acid, fun lyrics and party, lots of party!!

+info: www.pantanito.com and www.rumbatunning.org


DJ Txarly Brown

Thanks to Achilifunk: Gipsy Soul 1969-1979, the followers of rumba and its offshoots discovered there was more than meets the eye to the movement, which, in the ten years of the title, changed the face of home-grown pop music. TXARLY BROWN, a multidisciplinary artist and authentic Indiana Jones of the genre, salvaged material from the Catalan scene to blend it with movements from other autonomous communities, such as Andalusia (El Garrotín by the psychedelic SMASH). After, Brown continued with Achilifunk, now drawing on more up-to-the-moment names that use rumba as a touchstone to give extra flavour to a special potion.


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